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Wood fired ovens: A real threat to BBQs?

Caroline wonders whether wood-fired ovens will ever be a real threat to the barbecue…

You may think you’ve got outdoor cooking cracked with your barbecue, whether it’s a fancy gas job or a traditional charcoal version, but it seems that the wood-fired oven is giving the barbecue a run for its money.

Last Sunday was Wood Fired Oven Sunday although I have to confess this passed me by, despite being in Yorkshire which apparently has the highest number of adults (31%) saying they would prefer to eat food cooked in a wood-fired oven than a barbecue.

Wood-fired ovens have been available in the UK for the last ten years but I obviously don’t move in the right circles because I have only ever come across them in restaurants where they have become an essential part of the upmarket pizza scene.

The big downside to the wood-fired oven is the cost: at an eye-watering £800 for the cheapest version I don’t see them catching on in a big way. Added to that is the amount of smoke generated which is guaranteed to lose you friends in the neighbourhood unless you are lucky enough to be living the rural dream.

If you’ve had experience of a wood-fired oven let us know how easy you found it and whether you think it’s worth the money!

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  1. No direct experience, but we know folks who built their own wood fired oven (and others who will/would like to do so). We doubt that WFOs will replace grills and smokers – three totally different kinds of cooking we think. Thanks for the food for ponder…


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