Our top tips for picking baby names!

When it comes to picking baby names, there are so many important factors to consider. You want to be sure you’ve picked the perfect name for your impending bundle of joy; after all, there’s no going back once the decision has been made!

We have a name in mind for our little one due this summer, but there were certain things we were careful to consider. Here are some tips to bear in mind when it comes to picking baby names:

• Is the name “trendy” or “quirky”? If the answer is “yes”, then just think about whether the same name will be trendy 20 years from now, or whether what you call quirky, other people call pretentious or just downright weird.

• Does the name you have in mind rhyme with anything? Thankfully, Kyle seemed to have an unfortunate knack of rhyming potential names with rude words or offensive phrases, so I think we had this base well covered.

• If your other half has never been a teacher, count yourself lucky. I lost count of the names I suggested that Kyle had taught “a naughty one of those” or “an annoying one of those”. It’s fair to say Kyle’s years of teaching ruled out a fair few names!

• Can the name be shortened? Are you happy with the shortened versions? The name we’ve picked can be shortened (although we will call her by her full name!) but we don’t mind the potential shortened versions at all.

• Do you want to give your baby a middle name? We decided to but it seems to be becoming more and more normal not to, perhaps because it can be so hard picking just one name that both parties agree to!

• Does your name “go” with your last name? Some perfectly nice names can sound a bit weird when you read them out loud with your surname, so give this a few goes.

• Finally, a tip I read about online: stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell your chosen name at the top of your voice five times in a row. The likelihood is you’ll be spending the next 18 years doing this so if you’re not sick of it after five attempts screaming as loudly as you can, it’s a good sign!

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