Trying to create a nursery: The challenge of cuteness!

Being first time parents Charlotte and I are very keen where possible to find little bits and bobs that will fit nicely into a room that we are attempting to convert from being a guest room into a baby’s room / nursery. While this a is a challenge we are both enjoying the tricky bit seems to be finding the right balance between cute items, items that are gender neutral (for any future children) and then items that will be special for our first little lady.

We have been very fortunate that we have been given lots of items (or allowed to borrow them) and found many others for very good value on the likes of Gumtree. Despite this we did want to get a few special items like our personalised storage bag to help make sure our little girl will have a good amount of exposure to her name (perhaps that is the ex-teacher in me coming out!) as well as to help create a unique room for her that doesn’t cost the earth!

In order to achieve this we decided that one of the less costly options (along with the storage bags) that seemed to be cute without being over the top was to go for personalised bunting. It appears as though we are a touch behind on this trend as the bunting itself seems to be very trendy online. Maybe because it has become trendy there are a fair few companies who are more than happy to offer you garments of varying quality.

personalised aby bunting

Plain bunting

While there were a few options that we liked we ended up picking what we think is a tasteful option for a little girl which you can see in the below pictures with the lettering included on one as well as a plain piece of bunting from the end of the bunting line. We would show you the whole thing but we are trying to keep the name secret for now!

For those of you who like what we have gone for you can find it at The Fairground website here and if you are expecting a little boy and want some blue bunting you can get it from the same company here! That said, do have a good look around as there are some other lovely designs, this is just what we found was to our taste.

personalised baby bunting

One of the personalised bits of bunting

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