Making storage fun! A personalised nursery storage bag

Many parents will know the trials and tribulations of trying to store regularly used bits and pieces, huge amounts of cuddly toys, and clothes! Add to this the problem that children often don’t feel involved in the process of “tidying” and the fact that many toy boxes and storage items, though lovely, are very expensive, and you can find yourself in a bit of a pickle!

Charlotte and I had been discussing the need to find an interesting, durable, and personalised toy bag/toy box for some time due to the sheer amount of baby items stacking up in our nursery and had been having little success.

All that changed, though, when we found a pink ditsy storage bag online that looked perfect for our little lady. As she will be our first baby, we have been a little OTT in terms of spending money on some smaller items, but we have always been sensible and careful with the bigger items, like when buying our cotbed.

In terms of the toy bag, we thought this one looked durable, offered a personalised touch (there is also no penalty per letter, which is a nice touch for parents who have picked long names!) and also served a good practical function. Of course this was all done online and so we had a slight fear as to what might actually turn up in the end in the post!

When our storage bag did turn up (rather promptly I might add), it met all of the criteria we had set. It also arrived in a lovely gift box that would make it ideal for a present and was an unexpected bonus for us! The bag itself is a nice size, feels well made, and so far has proved durable being pulled around as we move items in our baby’s room.

personalised baby storage bag

A good size bag for all her cuddly toys!

As well as this, the letters on the bag are not overbearing; the pink is not so garish as to terrify fathers (or future fathers in my case!).

personalised baby storage bag

Lovely letter stitching

All in all, it may not be that one buy that leaves you coo-ing or the item that really makes your nursery or baby’s room what it is, but for the cost and quality involved, I think this was an investment that will do us proud.

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