Burger King deliveries: Cheap thrills without consequence?

The Leeds Foodie is no snob. I may have eaten at some fine restaurants but in my student days I worked in McDonalds. For this reason, I have great respect for the people who deal with some of the crazy customers who come into fast food restaurants and have no beef with getting a Big Mac or even a Whopper on the odd occasion as a bit of a naughty treat.

In fact, in a particularly embarrassing moment, Charlotte and I “accidentally” ended up in KFC for lunch on our one-year wedding anniversary, overate horribly (although let’s be honest enjoyed it at the time!), and then had to cancel our nice dinner reservations!

Despite all this, it simply cannot be a good thing that Burger King now delivers to certain areas.

First of all, let’s be honest: fast food is not healthy. It is not, should not, and cannot be viewed as everyday food. It is not nutritious, it does not encourage healthy food attitudes in kids, and the levels of sugar in their food (and they aren’t the only guilty party) helps to explain why so many children are considered hyperactive.

All this said, I accept the fact that ‘fast food’ is already prevalent and accessible for people to grab on the hoof, or even as a way to break up a journey, so you may ask why I’m complaining about the idea of delivery.

My reason to decry the delivery of Burger King to people’s homes (and I will add that the same would apply to the likes of McDonalds, KFC and Wimpy) is that while the likes of Just Eat, Hungry House and so on offer low cost takeaway food, it is not as cheap and quite as targeted at children and families as Burger King and co are.

At £2.99 for a kid’s happy meal, a delivery deal that includes three drinks, three chips, three big burgers and some chicken nuggets for £20, you simply have to worry about the implications that this ease of access to cheap highs of saturated fats and sugar for generations to come could have.

This is especially important when you consider how easily and cheaply you can feed a family for a whole week with far more nutritious food available even on a small budget.

Burger King and fast food has its place, and I’m not one to deny that. This is not just a whine as part of a mission to take the ‘fun’ away from people and stopping them making their own choices in terms of having a treat. Rather, these are just the concerns of a father-to-be about how this kind of move to create such ridiculous ease of access to unhealthy food will impact upon future generations.

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