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Ba-Ba-Barburrito: A Mexican fast food that always delivers!

When out and about in Leeds, or even in Manchester at the Trafford Centre, Charlotte can often be heard reminding me that we have lunch waiting for us at home as I pester her to let me go to Barburrito: a Mexican fast food joint that brought some real quality to the foodie scene in Leeds before Trinity Kitchen was even a twinkle in its creator’s eye.

Add to this the fact that I used to work fairly close to a Barburrito in Leeds and was one of those fortunate people to get my business card drawn from the box to get four free meals (foolishly or selflessly(!) given in the end to my work colleagues!) and you start to get an idea of just how much I like, nay love, Barburrito!

Strolling around the Trafford Centre at the weekend, we’d enjoyed a good day shopping and had decided to have a break for lunch before heading towards Paradise Island and the inevitable battle of mini golf. When we arrived in the packed food hall, we had a big decision to make: to sit in Barburrito or to go to Barburrito Express!

Given that we both had decided already to go for a burrito (rather than their excellent nachos, tacos, burrito bowl, or amazing chilli pot, which are all rather trickier to eat), we figured an express option would suffice in this instance. I do rather like the fun chilli facts (and random Mexican facts) that adorn the walls of Barburrito branches, but the speed of service was exceptional at the express so I wasn’t left disappointed in our choice!

Having enjoyed all of the toppings on offer previously, I found myself torn between the brilliance of all the excellent choices, with the flash fried veg really crisp and fresh, the steak as good as decent steak should be, and the pork better than 99% of all the posh pork I have eaten!

On this day I was thrown by the re-introduction of the chilli as a filling for burritos and this nearly lured me in. Fortunately I kept my resolve and went for the pork which, as I knew it would, proved once again to be divine. Charlotte, on the other hand, found herself sucked in by this comeback of a classic and was left equally delighted with her choice.

Unlike your regular chains, the manner in which you can personalise your meal do make a big difference here. For a first time visitor to Barburrito, I would suggest enlisting the help of the always friendly staff who will be able to guide you in the right direction so you get your spice level correct. I chose the mule driver option as I am a big fan of spice and also added some flash fried veg along with adding all the usuals such as cheese, extra jalapenos and lettuce.

Biting into my burrito, it was exactly as I hoped: a spicy flavour explosion that packed the right punches but also allowed the subtlety of the slow cooked pork to shine through. The beautiful crunch of the flash fried veg also changed things up every bite or two. All in all, it was divine (and so was Charlotte’s given the speed with which she wolfed her one down!)

While we didn’t go for it this time, the meal deal is a nice choice for those who are a little hungrier and I can safely say that the guacamole is a real treat for any guac lovers out there!

All in all, Barburrito represents a great option for a cheap eat on the go and this foodie is one of many fans of the up and coming chain in Leeds and further afield.

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