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Cod parcels – a dish that really delivers

After cooking another great recipe, my belief that Daniel Galmiche provides affordable, achievable and amazing French classic recipes has been further strengthened!

Again, Daniel offers a simple dish – cod wrapped in baking paper and baked in the oven with olive oil, tomatoes and coriander – and again allows simple flavours (but cooked well) to sing.

This particular recipe has the huge added bonus of being very healthy, so you feel you really are getting your money’s worth after paying out for some cod, good quality tomatoes and a little coriander. The process of preparation is as simple as you would imagine – blanche some garlic, pour some olive oil over some cod you have previously patted dry, season, and then cut some tomatoes up and place them at the bottom of this indulgent treat! Hey presto, 15 minutes later and you have a dish that comes together in quite some style.

As the dish itself lacked challenge in its cooking technique, it was apparent that it is the way the fish and vegetables are prepared that makes the dish. Unlike some dishes, you get instant confirmation here that you have achieved perfection by the aroma that comes out of the cod parcel when you unwrap it.

Having decided to keep things healthy, we simply boiled some beautiful carrots and sugar snap peas, which helped to add a touch of crunch and texture to the dish which was perhaps the only thing that was lacking.

All in all, the joy was truly in the eating and the melt in the mouth cod, seasoned to Daniel’s recommendation, shows once again why his cookbook really should be considered amongst the very best out there. If you don’t believe me look at the below picture and work out if any other chef offers you as beautiful and flavourful a dish in less than 30 minutes…

Cod Daniel Galmiche

Fresh and tasty

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