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Hong Kong: A comparison of two HK bars offering unrivalled views

Our stay in Hong Kong has so far been quite cheap. We’ve eaten out at local restaurants rather than falling into tourist traps, we’ve taken ferries, trams, and the MTR rather than taxis, and we’ve been lucky that many of the things we’ve wanted to do (like the Hong Kong Museum of History, a boat ride from Tai O, a walk around Hong Kong Park and through the aviary and tea museum there, and the Midtown Elevators) have either been free, or have cost about a pound!

In terms of alcohol, we’ve mainly been keeping things classy by popping into 7/11s to pick up some cans of beer and bottles of cider for a few pounds to enjoy in the comfort of our hotel room.

So, we decided to splash out a bit on two consecutive days late this week by visiting two bars that offer fantastic views of the Hong Kong skyline.

The first bar we visited on Thursday evening was Felix at the Peninsula Hotel. The Peninsula is right on the waterfront in Kowloon and is very luxurious.

The Felix is on the top floor and offers amazing views of the Hong Kong skyscrapers. Almost by chance we arrived during the light show at 8pm, which was a bonus.

We had a glass of wine (Sauvignon Blanc) and a Japansese craft ale and both were delightful.

The only negative was the amount of posturing going on around us between various businessmen and women; in our jeans and t-shirts we felt a little bit out of place!

The following day we had a spare hour so decided to head to a bar across the road from our hotel (the Langham). This bar, called Aqua, is on the 30th floor of a swanky shopping centre and also offers great views of the skyline. It doesn’t boast the Peninsula’s waterfront location, but you can’t really tell the difference when you’re that high up.

We ordered a glass of prosecco and a martini and sat back to enjoy the views. There is more space in Aqua compared to Felix and we arrived at a quiet time (5pm – we were the only people in the large bar).

Overall, the ambience of Aqua was preferable to Felix. Felix felt slightly cramped and the clientele made us feel a little bit self-conscious. Plus, any bar offering prosecco obviously wins the day!

If you’re staying in Kowloon and want a touch of luxury while enjoying the fantastic Hong Kong skyline, check out Aqua as your first port of call – you won’t be disappointed.

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