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North Leeds breakfasts: Cranberries in Adel

Living in Adel, there is not exactly an abundance of café options within walking distance, or a short drive away, so it’s a good job that the one café there is in Adel (on the Otley Road) is pretty damn good!

Cranberries occupies a small spot next to the butchers in Adel, just up from one of the best Italians in Leeds and one of our favourite places to go for dinner, Divino.

We went for breakfast to Cranberries on Sunday, bright and early before heading to the gym, and as usual left the premises full, contented, and ready to tackle the day!

Welcoming interior

Welcoming interior

The best thing about Cranberries is the simplicity and honest nature of the menu and ingredients. There’s nothing special from first glance about the breakfast menu, but everything that is listed on the menu is done very, very well.

The scrambled egg on toast is a case in point. The eggs come beautifully cooked, albeit presented very simply. This isn’t the sort of place where you get half a bunch of parsley placed delicately on top of your eggs! The good thing is that it doesn’t need it. Nothing at Cranberries needs jazzing up; it’s all about good, local ingredients, cooked in a homely style that makes you want to come back again and again for a relaxing weekend breakfast.

No caption needed!

No caption needed!

Having said all that, there are special touches to the menu that make a big difference. Paying a few pennies extra for sour dough bread for your sausage and mushroom sandwich makes a world of difference.

Sour dough takes the breakfast sandwiches to another level!

Sour dough takes the breakfast sandwiches to another level!

Likewise, adding some vanilla syrup to the milky latte turns a regular coffee into a bit of a Sunday morning treat.

Early morning caffeine fix

Early morning caffeine fix

Another nice thing about Cranberries is that you sit inside the main shop area to eat. This means that you can always look around whilst waiting for your food for potential dinner items or lunch treats, or maybe a gift for an upcoming birthday.

Local Yorkshire chocolates - yum!

Local Yorkshire chocolates – yum!

We have also found the service to be reliably good. Again, there is nothing over the top about what goes on here, but the people are friendly, happy to help, and don’t go overboard in terms of checking you’re happy every five minutes. It’s refreshing just to be left in peace to enjoy your breakfast.

So, next time you’re in north Leeds and are feeling a bit peckish, you could do far worse than head down to Cranberries, where a cosy welcome and genuinely good food will await you, and for the cost of less than a couple of overpriced croissants in the city centre!

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