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An Aldi bought, home cooked Sunday breakfast: reviewed!

For those of you who are regular readers, you will know that Charlotte and I are big about breakfast. In fact, we have reviewed breakfast at the likes of the Langham in Hong Kong, the amazing Star Inn at Harome, and even our lovely local deli Cranberries. So, as you can see, we often find ourselves consuming fairly contrasting breakfasts!

We had been informed (reliably as it turns out!) by various people on our NCT course that Aldi sell excellent value nappies, so last weekend we decided that we would pay our local store, which we had always been a little wary of for no particular reason, a visit.

I have known about Aldi for a long time as my father lives in Berlin but I had rarely actually entered an Aldi store. I did have some idea, though, that the inside of the shop would look slightly chaotic compared to the likes of Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. We had also heard many of the highly publicised stories relating to the fact that Aldi ranks better than X & Y supermarket and nobody can tell the difference between an Aldi product and a very expensive one (and in many cases people actually prefer the Aldi product).

For me, in the past this just sounded like either a lot of people who needed to work on their palates or seemed to suggest that some higher end products presumably came with certain ingredients (and most likely less sugar) to make them less appealing to the mass market. Happily, on that note, I could not have been more wrong!

Aldi is fairly easy to navigate and by employing the tactic of ‘copying’ the design of major brands, even adopting their style of packaging (e.g. the sausages looked almost identical to other supermarkets’ ‘finest’ ranges), it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Particularly appealing was their bread selection, with the loaves looking both appetising and as cheap as chips.

Aldi breakfast

Bread ready to be toasted!

When you have collected your groceries and you head to the checkout, you will find that the desire from the checkout staff to get you through the process of paying as quickly as possible pays off. Nobody wants to have a long, random chat with the customers and, in turn, the Aldi regulars don’t ever seem to be in the mood for dawdling. The checkout staff were some of the fastest scanners I’ve ever seen! It also helps that you actually pack your bags in a different area, so they really do get through customers quickly at the checkout. Suffice to say that a fair few other major supermarkets could learn from this approach.

Anyway, back to the breakfast. Of course, being Aldi, the price for our eggs, bacon, bread, baked beans (be warned if you are a Heinz only person they don’t stock them!) and sausages came to about half the total that you might pay elsewhere.

Having returned home with a few more quid left in our pockets than we had expected, we set about the task of turning our ingredients into a decent breakfast. While grilling sausages, frying eggs and bacon and cooking baked beans is not a tricky feat, we did our best to follow the guidance on the instructions in order to see how well Aldi label their food (with the exception of the eggs and toast which you can’t really have instructions for)!

Aldi breakfast

Sizzling bacon

Aldi breakfast

How do you like your eggs in the morning?!

Once everything was cooking nicely, you wouldn’t have known that the food wasn’t bought from a local farmers’ market or a far more expensive supermarket. Quite frankly it smelled as wonderful as a cooked breakfast should – no more and no less!

With everything dished up and nicely cooked, we started to tuck in. About 10 minutes later we started speaking to one another again after we had devoured a truly lovely breakfast! The sausages were nice and meaty, with chunks of real apple in (we bought the pork and apple variety) and the bacon was nice and meaty (and not too salty either). The baked beans made me wonder why I had been such a fusspot for so long about demanding Heinz beans and Heinz beans only! The eggs had a good colour and tasted nice and fresh, so all in all for a nice, unhealthy (it was a Sunday so it’s fine!) but hearty start to the day, the Aldi range for a cooked breakfast certainly hit the spot.

Aldi breakfast

The finished fry-up

We will definitely be trying it again and this time we may even risk getting the coffee from Aldi as well!

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