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Playing with prawns

Having introduced you to the world of Daniel Galmiche, it would seem unfair to drag you cruelly away from his fantastic food before giving you a savoury tease!

Upon visiting Heston and Delia’s supermarket I had noticed a rather tasty looking offer on one of my faves – fresh Madagascan tiger prawns. Whilst I’m not sure why they are called ‘tiger’ prawns (they certainly don’t look capable of giving anything a mauling!) I have been fortunate enough to try these delicious prawns fresh from the Indian Ocean in Madagascar in a little fishing town while sipping fresh coconut juice on the beach, so I have fond memories of eating them.

The main ingredients!

The main ingredients!

To ensure that I respected the produce (especially when you think of the food air miles accrued) I turned to Daniel’s fantastic sautéed tiger prawns with chilli & garlic butter recipe that I believe looked both achievable and tasty. Despite the annoyance of a phone call from our energy supplier halfway through cleaning and de-veining my prawns (thankfully Charlotte stepped in and got them peeled and prepped!), getting rid of the person on the end of the phone was far more challenging than the dish itself was proving to be. Having finished with the prawns I was able to quickly chop a red chilli, garlic and some fresh flat leaf parsley from our herb garden and hey ho the prep was done!

Checking I'm on course

Checking I’m on course

Putting my heaviest based frying pan onto the hob, a quick heat through of some olive oil and butter (which had to and somehow did foam in the pan!) I was able to pop in the prawns for only a few minutes before whipping them out and getting the veg into the same pot with some more butter (calorie counting not advised with this dish…) A few minutes later and the prawns were popped back in with some lime juice (freshly squeezed of course!) and the dish was done less than ten minutes after putting the pan on the hob!

Foamy butter

Foamy butter

While Daniel does not recommend a side dish we thought it best to indulge in Charlotte’s famous mustard mash to mop up the juices and I have to say this was a divine accompaniment as it turned out that the juice very much needed to be mopped up – it was both aromatic and tasty!

Delicious and nutritious!

Delicious and nutritious!

Despite not being overly complicated nor a huge dish this is one that we are very confident we will be enjoying again very soon as we both wolfed down the dish faster than it was created!

Bon appetite!

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