Getting ready for the English ‘summer’ with Didriksons’ Slaskeman Kid’s Set

Ah, the great British summertime. We may actually be experiencing some genuine sunshine at the moment (although it’s all set to change tomorrow so don’t get too excited!) but anyone who has ever spent a summer holiday in the UK will know that rain always lurks just around the corner!

A wise person, however, once said that there’s no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothing. This is where Didriksons’ Slaskeman Kid’s Set comes in brilliantly. Easy to roll down to shove in a backpack or at the bottom of a changing bag, this is true reassurance in the form of some cute clothing! With this outfit in your day gear, you’ll know your little one won’t get wet if the weather takes a turn for the worst when you’re out and about.

The set is packed full of features. It’s water and windproof, and easily buttons up at the front. There are reflective panels on the legs, sleeves, and back, for safety purposes, and the pants are kept in place thanks to some really comfortable suspenders. There’s also a foot strap to put around the shoe to make sure no flesh at all gets exposed to rain or wind, and a detachable hood that allows kids to wear the jacket for warmth even when it’s not raining.

The Slaskeman Kid’s Set is all about comfort as well as practicality. The stretchy material means that it flexes in all directions for maximum comfort and flexibility. This outfit is perfect for summer showers as it isn’t really suitable for winter weather; whilst it’s 100% wind and waterproof, it’s only around 30% for warmth.

Check out the Slaskeman Kid’s Set from Didriksons this spring/summer to equip your little ones with the gear needed to face the great outdoors no matter the weather.

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