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The True Tea Club: Loose leaf tea re-imagined?

Almost everyone enjoys a good brew. In the office, a great brew can make the difference between a good and a bad day at work, and at home it’s the perfect tonic after a stressful day. With this in mind, any new or slightly different approach to tea has to really work in order to supplement the experience that tea drinkers already love. The people at the True Tea Club have certainly taken on a challenge, therefore, in trying to take loose leaf tea to the mainstream masses.


The company is based out of York, so we already had a bit of positive bias towards them, but when we were offered the chance to review their tea options, we were left intrigued as to whether it would really beat the Yorkshire Tea we love, or even the Aldi herbal tea offerings that we normally enjoy.

The True Tea Club offer tea lovers the chance to subscribe and enjoy nine different types of tea, including chai, rooibos, oolong and white tea, so there really is something for everyone. Our pack came with two green teas, a black tea, and a fruit infusion tea. On top of this, you get four teabags to re-use with the tea if you don’t have a teapot or tea strainer.

All of the teas we tried were enjoyable, but the Antique Romance fruit infusion tea was our favourite and it was interesting that the packaging told us how how the water should be as well as how long to brew it for. In terms of flavour, the tea really was a cut above the normal brew that you would enjoy.


What really struck us with the box was the potential it had as an office treat, as well as a gift to a foodie in your life. However, if you just want to enjoy some excellent quality loose leaf tea for yourself then you can try your first subscription box with 50% off if you use the code “LOVE” when you checkout.

Let us know what you think as well as your favourite types of tea!

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