March’s Walker Books: Cats, penguins, and mice!

From our batch of brilliant Walker Books for March, one clear winner has emerged. ‘The Cat Book’ by Silvia Borando is perfect for little ones with an interest in cats. If you don’t actually own a cat, this book allows little ones to get a real glimpse into what caring for a cat entails, and if you do own a cat, it might help to teach your little one how to be gentle with the long-suffering feline in your life! Little ones are encouraged to give the cat in the book a name, to wake him up, to protect him from the rain, and to put him to bed after all the fun is over. Our little girl took real delight in listening to the commands on each page and putting them into action, and had a big smile on her face when she knew she’d done the right action.

‘Maisy Goes to London’ was a close second for our little girl, who is familiar with the character from some board books we have featuring Maisy. This story takes Maisy to London, which is full of noise and colour, from the chimes of Big Ben to the buzz of the busy underground. Our little girl is too young still to understand the references to London as an actual location, but she still enjoyed the pictures and the story being read aloud, and in the future will no doubt love seeing places she has been to in real life recreated on the page.

Finally, Walker Books have released the 10th anniversary edition of ‘Penguin’ by Polly Dunbar. This version of the award-winning classic, telling the magical tale between Ben and his penguin friend, would make for a fantastic gift for any little penguin-lover in your life.

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