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Kebabs as big as your head and Nutella calzone at Zeppelin Street Food in Armley

Zeppelin Street Food is slightly off the beaten track when it comes to the Leeds food scene. However, if you crave a Lavash (or kebab to you and me) bigger than your head, packed full of freshly cooked meat and incredibly moreish garlic sauce, followed by a gorgeous Nutella calzone that looks as good as it tastes, it’s well worth the trip out to Armley!

This unassuming takeaway/cafe tries to do things a little differently. The owners take pride in sourcing as many of their ingredients locally as possible from Yorkshire farms, with food cooked fresh to order.

For that reason, they recommend their food is eaten within minutes of being cooked, although there was plenty of takeaway trade when we went in to eat last week.

The Lavash we tried was indeed huge, but we rose to the challenge of finishing every last bite off. The meat wasn’t that ‘questionable’ meat you get in some kebab shops, but big chunks of nicely cooked meat brought to life by the addition of the garlic sauce and fresh salad. The bread itself was nicely toasted and the whole thing hugely satisfying; a nice hug in kebab form if you will.

The Zeppelin menu boasts kebabs alongside pizza and dumplings. We didn’t try the dumplings but they are homemade on the premises and they are on our list of ‘to try’ next time we visit.

The pizza we sampled was the Zeppelin, a 12 inch creation packed full of ham, beef, pepperoni, red onions, and mushroom. As you can hopefully see from the photo, this may have been a street food pizza, but the base was crisp and thin, the toppings piping hot, and a real step above your usual pizza offering from this kind of foodie location. At under £7 for the whole thing, you really could spend a lot of time looking for better value food in Leeds for a quick feed.

The atmosphere at Zeppelin is casual, making it ideal for quick bites to eat after work or after school with the kids. The owners are really friendly, and it’s reassuring to know that the ingredients here are locally sourced and put together in a thoughtful way to ensure dishes that stick in the mind.

The final dish we tried, the Nutella calzone with vanilla ice cream, fit in this bracket neatly, sticking in our minds ever since. Not much comes close to this as a pudding when it comes to indulgence, and it was a battle of wills against our little girl to stop her grabbing – literally with both hands – the pudding before we could taste any ourselves!

Where is it:
96 Town St, Armley, LS12 3HN

How to contact them:

More information:
The Zeppelin Street Food website

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