Vtech Baby Drivers Toot-Toot Airport reviewed

Vtech are renowned for making a wide range of children’s toys and one of the most popular ranges is the Toot-Toot series. Our little girl was lucky enough to receive the airport version for Christmas. We had already heard rave reviews from friends about the Vtech Garage, so we knew that the airport would be popular with our toddler, who enjoys looking at planes taking off and landing for real at Leeds Bradford Airport.

The Vtech airport comes deconstructed but is relatively straightforward to put together, although if you’re looking to put all the additional stickers on your set-up, this can be time-consuming and fiddly. Bear this in mind and consider putting it all together before you let your toddler loose on it.

Our little one enjoys the sounds that the plane which comes with the set makes. Fortunately for parents it is possible to turn the plane off! At 18 months old, she hasn’t quite mastered all of the parts of the track yet, but she does enjoy fiddling with the movable parts of the airport.

The main plane tower itself feels like it could be quite flimsy but has so far held up really well to the rough and tumble of toddler play.

Overall, this toy is a real winner for little ones, even if you do have to spend a fair amount of time putting it back together when your toddler runs off with part of the track!

Rating (out of 5):

Ease of assembly – 4
Toddler-proof – 4
Toddler interest – 5
Price (new) – 4

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