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Great British Bake Off 2016: Episode Ten Recap

So it was finally upon us, the last ever BBC GBBO and a final contested by Candice, Jane and Andrew. With our favourite Selasi leaving the tent last week, we weren’t really rooting for anyone in particular, unusually for us for a GBBO final.

The signature bake was a meringue crown. Candice seemed to rise from her role as a pretender to the throne and potential queen of the tent. Jane also impressed Paul enough to earn the rare acclaim of getting a double handshake! At this early stage, it looked like the final was narrowed down to two competitors.

With the signature out of the way, Mary chose a Victoria sandwich with absolutely no instructions whatsoever for the technical! The notion was intriguing but the result was a bit lacklustre, with the competitors essentially making the same sponge without any real drama. Andrew won this round to leave the showstopper and the title up for grabs.

This was a monster of a challenge, with 49 items to bake over five hours. Jane fell apart at the last minute with her white chocolate collar failing to print onto her chocolate cake, and so the battle for the crown was between Andrew and Candice. Sadly for the competition, Andrew disappeared into a soggy bottomed nightmare, meaning the path to the crown was Candice’s as she strolled to glory.

We can’t say that we love her, but you can’t deny her victory was almost total in the final and it was no shock that Candice was crowned champion of this year’s GBBO.

And just like that GBBO disappeared from the BBC into the distance and its forlorn future on Channel 4!

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