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Bulgogi Grill: A taste of Korea in the Merrion Centre

Bulgogi Grill in the Merrion Centre is a Korean barbecue restaurant that brings a unique eating and cooking concept to a crowded dining scene (the Merrion Centre and surrounding area is fast developing a serious foodie reputation in the city).

The focus at Bulgogi Grill is firmly on communal dining; each table has a high-tech grill in the middle of it, with space for each diner to cook their own food with special tongs.

There’s a wide range of meats, including duck and beef marinated in the special Bulgogi marinade, alongside vegetables, prawns, squid, pickles, lettuce leafs to act as wraps, and white rice. This is all brought to your table after you’ve settled in with a drink and have indulged in the starter of Korean sushi and grilled dumplings.

The idea is to pick your meat or seafood, grill it to your exact preference, and then place it on top of some rice wrapped in lettuce. Top it all off with the addition of some pickle or one of the many sauces, such as soy or tamarind, that are provided, and then get munching!

We love Bulgogi Grill because the food is fresh, you can control exactly what you eat and when you eat it, and it’s a lot of fun getting involved with the grill. For me, it takes a lot to beat the thin slivers of beautiful duck. It’s also a really good place for those doing baby led weaning!

One final note: on both occasions we’ve been, the staff have been really friendly, explaining everything clearly and helping out with any queries regarding the cooking process.

Bulgogi Grill is perfectly positioned for anyone wanting a filling meal before a gig or event at the arena, but to be honest, it’s well worth making the effort to head up there regardless of your evening plans!

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