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Travel in Indonesia: Travelling like the locals in Puncak

Here on, we like to explore all different parts of the world. One place that is undeniably incredible but yet doesn’t get as much attention from British travellers (despite its beautiful beaches, surfing locations, and exceptional weather to name but a few aspects!) is Indonesia.

With direct flights to Indonesia with 5 star ranked (at least by Skytrax) Garuda Indonesia making the country much easier to get to (although indirect flights are still fairly plentiful with good quality airlines), Indonesia is becoming easier and easier to get to while still boasting a wide range of attractions for the intrepid traveller.

If you’re not feeling overly confident about getting hold of the best flights, feel free to check out our guide on how to ensure you can find the best value air fare.

Part of what makes Indonesia a fascinating part of the world is that it is full of history, has spectacular landscapes, friendly locals, and amazing food. With this in mind, it deserves its place high up on the list of any travellers who are looking to get off the normal tourist trails.

There are many wonderful highlights in Indonesia, which, in our opinion, include the following…

  • Feeding orangutans at Bukit Lawang
  • Heading to Bali to party with the Aussies at night and sunbathe by day
  • Visiting Klungkung Palace at Semarapura
  • Taking in the emotion of the Tsunami Museum at Banda Aceh
  • Looking at the Spiderweb Rice Fields in Ruteng

…But sometimes it’s worth doing some research to find the more hidden gems dotted around the islands.

One of these is Puncak, a popular area where locals from Jakarta flock to spend relaxing weekends and public holidays, making it the ideal place to get closer to the Indonesian way of life and experience a true taste of Indonesian culture.

As well as this, Puncak doesn’t fit in with a lot of the standard stereotypical ideas of what Indonesia is like. There are no Aussies likely to be on their equivalent of a lads weekend away in Magaluf that you might bump into in Bali. Instead,  it’s a mountainous region in West Java Province but is still a mere hop from Jakarta (it takes about an hour in the car to get there).

The sunsets from the top of the pass are world-famous, and local activities available include a fascinating tea walk, where you can learn how tea is made, picked, and served.

There are various accommodation options for those making the trip to Puncak. Puncak Pass Resort is one of the hotels in Puncak that offers a more relaxed environment for those travelling as a family, but there are plenty more in that neck of the woods as well.

Once you’ve settled into whatever accommodation option you’ve chosen in Puncak, you can get on with the exciting stuff! There’s loads to do, including trekking, swimming, and of course, eating gorgeous food!

Have you been to this part of Indonesia before? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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