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Cookbook Review: The Street Food Cook Book

Street food was probably one of the biggest trends in the food world in 2015. Pop up stalls littering every high street, food on the go becoming the new leisurely meal, and communal dining in locations like Trinity Kitchen; it became almost impossible to avoid street food last year.

The Northern cities of the UK seem to have been at the cutting edge of this trend. Leeds in particular has embraced the street food scene, and it’s a story repeated across other cities like Manchester, Sheffield, and Nottingham.

This trend has been celebrated in a new cookbook: The Street Food Cook Book. This cookbook is packed full of fun facts about street food in the north, amazing photos, and, most importantly of all, tasty recipes so you can bring the world of street food into your own home.

The book highlights some of the best places in the north to grab some tasty treats and brings exclusive recipes from those places. One of our favourites is the cod bap recipe from a fish and chips institution in Whitby: the Magpie Cafe (the scene of many overeating episodes from the two of us in the past!). The recipe explains how to make some amazing battered fish and some zingy seafood sauce to shove into a bap.

Other personal highlights include jerk chicken from Khoo’s (his spicy sauces have become legendary across Yorkshire) and several rather nice pizza recipes. If you’ve never cooked pizza from scratch before, these recipes could well be ideal for you as they present a challenge without being too hard to follow.

It’s not just savoury food that is championed in this cookbook. Sweet food belongs to the world of street food just as happily as savoury food and recipes include banoffee crepes, which sound divine.

Street food is all about making gourmet food accessible to the masses and that’s the beauty of this cookbook. Recipes are easy to follow, the book is packed full of photos, it’s colourful, vibrant, and exciting. It really would make the ideal present for any foodie in your life, and even for non-foodies as an easy, accessible starting point to the world of food that’s just a little bit special.

We received a free copy of The Street Food Cookbook so that we were able to review it. All opinion is our own and we are under no obligation to write a positive review.

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