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In praise of Pret’s avocado and chipotle chicken flatbread

I love a good sandwich. I love the dainty sandwiches you get in a sophisticated afternoon tea. I love a messy fish finger sandwich oozing with mayo. I love a hot sandwich, I love a cold sandwich, I even love frozen sandwiches (of the cookie and ice cream variety!). Sometimes, I enjoy a sandwich so much that I can’t stop thinking about said sandwich for the rest of the day.

Recently, the sandwich that has really done it for me is the avocado and chipotle chicken flatbread from Pret. It takes a leap of faith to pick this slice of sandwich heaven off the shelf at Pret because it looks pretty intimidating. The size of a door wedge, it’s fair to say that you could share one of these beauties between two people with average sized appetites.

Take that leap of faith, though, and you’ll be richly rewarded. Pret pile their flatbread high with tender chicken dressed in a spicy chipotle ketchup, slices of avocado, red pepper, baby spinach, Greek yoghurt, and coriander.

I love the kick of the chipotle against the creamy flavour of the avocado. I like that they don’t skimp on the avocado, and I like that this sandwich is packed so full of tasty goodness that it’s almost impossible to eat without making a mess.

I wish I’d taken a photo earlier of my flatbread, which I devoured whilst waiting at Heathrow Terminal 5, but unfortunately I had a one-track mind when the sandwich was in front of me.

So, next time you need to eat lunch on the hoof, don’t be afraid to pop into Pret for this little wonder of a sarnie. Pret may be a chain, but there’s no need for snobbery when they produce foodie wonders like this.

Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored by Pret or requested by them in any way; I genuinely do love their flatbread!

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