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Food news: Michelin Starred takeout a reality

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the quality of take away food you might be interested in the new concept of Supper, the first ever “Michelin starred delivery service”. Currently it is a London based enterprise but who knows, if it is successful it could well find its way to other cities.

Nineteen of London’s best restaurants have signed up, from the Michelin starred Indian restaurant, Tamarind, to Ken Lo’s renowned Memories of China. At the moment delivery is restricted to Zone 1 in central London although plans are afoot to extend the service.

Prices are the same as in the restaurants and there is a £5 charge for the delivery which is done by state of the art Japanese motor scooters driven by smartly uniformed Supper staff. Prices are predictably far from cheap with a 300g Wagyu steak on offer from M priced at £70. Restaurants do not offer their full menus on the grounds that not all dishes travel.

It will be very interesting to see whether the business is a success. To me, part of the pleasure of having a top notch meal at the likes of the establishments which have joined up is the dressing up to go out and the buzz or romantic ambience of the restaurant. On the other hand there are occasions when staying in might hit the spot. I’m not sure how important it is that the delivery is by specially designed bikes or that the drivers wear Supper uniforms but the delivery charge is far from steep and not dissimilar to a lot of take away outlets.

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