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Travel news: Jet2 looks to update its current fleet with new order

With Jet2 establishing (or perhaps already has established) itself as the leading airline out of the north of England, the company has looked to update its fleet of planes with an order for 27 new Boeing 737-800NGs.

Having recently celebrated their 10th anniversary of flying out of Newcastle and seeing their operations out of Leeds continue to expand as they add Rotterdam to their list of destinations, the order (worth ​£1.7bn at current list prices but likely to be far lower due to the bulk order) shows that the airline has no intention of slowing down its plans to dominate the weekend break and package holidays market out of the north.

While the order is likely to please regular users of Jet2, the new planes are likely to only be delivered from September 2016 through to April 2018 meaning that the company should soon have one of the younger fleets out of the budget airlines group, giving the company a significant boost.

Despite this investment, Jet2 will be aware that their hub airport Leeds Bradford will continue to require expansion and investment, including better transport links, if they are to continue their increase in passenger numbers.

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