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A homage to fromage: Tomme De Savoie

Tomme De Savoie may look a lot like Emmental and a few other more plastic and less refined and tasty cheeses if you see it without its rind, but this cheese is worth a try if you enjoy a nutty flavour!

Like many alpine cheeses, the taste of this hard and unpasteurised variety is one that I expected to be quite rubbery and a little bit nutty. Although the nutty flavour was certainly there, especially towards the rind, the actual cheese tasted rather light and airy and was not at all unpleasant in texture, offering an excellent pairing for a wafer or perhaps a cracker.

Having since had a chance to find out a little more about this cheese, I can advise any of the health conscious cheese eaters out there (if you exist!) that as this cheese is typically made with skimmed milk it has a low fat content, meaning you can get away with a thicker slice! That said, the lack of fat content does not hinder the flavour; it is deep and really leaves you with that nice, nutty taste in your mouth.

Tomme de Savoie cheese

A solid slice!

In terms of how I would use the cheese, this is one for a tamer cheeseboard for someone who enjoys red wine, crackers and a few grapes. This probably isn’t a hardcore foodie cheese. Despite this rather backhanded sounding compliment, the fact is that this cheese is very agreeable for people who are looking for something that isn’t cheddar or your usual fare but still offers a little bit more security in taste.

All in all, a good if not great cheese!

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