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Boeing looks to rebuild the Dreamliner’s reputation

The launch of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was meant to herald the start of a new era of reliable two engine long haul jets that would stand the test of time, reduce CO2 output, and allow passengers to breathe air of a high quality. The sad reality, though, was that the first wave of Dreamliners was plagued by technical hitches, leading to a PR crisis that reached its zenith as an Ethiopian Airlines plane caught fire at London Heathrow. This wasn’t helped by the planes having to avoid flying near high-level thunderstorms for fear of the engines icing.

Although the Airbus A380 suffered similar teething problems, with cracks appearing on the wings in earlier models, the relative ease with which these issues were fixed, combined with public fascination over the sheer size of the plane, meant that it soon became a firm favourite among travellers. We like the Airbus A380 so much that we will actually now intentionally pick a route with an A380 or, in the case of our trip to Hong Kong, ensure we’re booked onto the A380 for both legs rather than a 777 for one or other legs of the journey.

In contrast to this, the Dreamliner, which was championed mainly by Thompson in the UK, is yet to earn the sort of widespread public interest and status achieved by the A380, which may go some way to explaining why Boeing have created this amazing video to show travellers that the troubled past of the Dreamliner is over. In the video, the Dreamliner takes off at a near vertical angle before seeming to glide around in a manner more befitting a bird than a passenger plane! Perhaps the latest demonstrations and publicity at the Paris airshow will go some way towards helping to build up a popular following for the Dreamliner model.

Friends of mine who have been on the plane have reported it to be quiet (and some have even said that the air does feel cleaner!) but the question does remain about whether or not it will come to be a fully trusted plane by the wider public.

Have you had the chance to check out the Dreamliner? Does the new Boeing video inspire or terrify you!? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below!

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