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Nando’s reveal four menu additions: does brave move from chicken chain pay off?

We love Nando’s. The combination of reliably tasty, well-cooked chicken, a relaxed atmosphere, and very reasonable prices means that we’ve become fairly regular customers over the years. Sometimes, when you get a craving for a proper feed, only a Nando’s will do!

Over the years we’ve developed our own favourites; Kyle enjoys the chicken wings and half chicken options with macho peas and salad, whilst it takes a lot to drag me away from my love of chicken pitta with creamy mash.

When we visited this week, though, we realised that it was the first time we’d visited since the widely reported introduction of four new dishes on the Nando’s menu: the Churrasco Thigh Burger, Fino Coleslaw, quinoa salad, and sweet potato wedges.

We’re not big fans of quinoa, and as I’ve already mentioned, wild horses couldn’t drag me away from my creamy mash at Nando’s, even though I am partial to sweet potato wedges, so we both decided to try out the new main on the menu. The new chicken thigh burger has the added advantage of containing some of the new coleslaw, so we were killing two birds (and exceptionally tasty birds at that!) with one stone in our bid to test the new additions.

As for the results. Well, we were both thoroughly impressed by the Churrasco Thigh Burger. Like the standard chicken breast burger that all Nando’s aficionados will know and love, the thigh burger is encased in a Portuguese roll and slathered with your choice of peri peri spice. The main difference comes in the meat. The boneless thigh meat is succulent, filling, and tender, and seems to absorb more of those gorgeous peri peri spices than the breast.

The burger comes as standard with a slice of cheddar cheese and some Fino Coleslaw, both of which add a nice creamy and very slightly naughty touch to the burger.

The new additions to the Nando’s menu are a brave move from the chain; everyone has their own favourites and expanding the menu is always a risky choice when a company is doing well anyway. However, in our opinion, this is one move that has paid off.

It’ll take something special (perhaps a cheeky wing roulette craving!) to tempt me away from the Churrasco Thigh Burger next time we go to Nando’s and, happily, I can confirm that it went sublimely with the good old creamy mash!

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