The hidden costs of being pregnant

Caroline blogs about the hidden costs of expecting a baby…

Everyone knows that having a baby is an expensive business but there are quite a few hidden costs (or lost opportunity costs to be more precise) that crop up and make you wish you had the cash to spend on your little bundle of joy.

I’m talking about the expensive twelve month gym contract that my daughter has had pretty low use from, the hen party which she lost her deposit for, and the spa vouchers which the spa refused to extend despite the fact that her pregnancy meant that she was unable to use most of the facilities.

It’s therefore a big thumbs up to Cottages and Castles who, on production of a note from the doctor confirming my daughter’s due date, have just released us from a large bill representing the balance of the rental price of a cottage in Scotland. We had booked the cottage ages ago for all of us to go to in August, just two weeks, as it turns out, after our first grandchild is due. Our deposit, less an admin fee, can be used against the rental of the same property within twelve months of the date that we had planned to go.

Hurrah for the common sense approach and what a shame that others don’t follow the same principles!

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