Moses Baskets: Four Cute Options

Kyle and I decided quite early on that we wanted our baby to sleep in a Moses basket once she’s born, rather than the other sleeping options available to newborn babies.

We stumbled across a really cute second hand one on Gumtree (a Winnie the Pooh Moses basket originally from Mamas and Papas) that was really decent value and looked in great condition but before we found and bought that one, we had put in the hours searching online for affordable options.

As with all baby-related items, we came across some really cute options for Moses baskets (although we obviously think that our Winnie the Pooh one is hard to beat in the cute stakes!), and wanted to share some of these with you to help with your search!

Mothercare Bedtime Wish Moses Basket

An option that won’t break the bank at £54.99, the Mothercare Bedtime Wish Moses Basket is designed in neutral shades, with the main image being the cute little Bedtime Wish bear, dressed in his sweet little pyjamas of course! Suitable for a baby boy or baby girl, the soft striped pattern and the adjustable hood make this one a tempting option.

Mamas and Papas Once Upon A Time Moses Basket

A slightly darker option than the Mothercare Moses Basket but still neutral in tone and therefore suitable for a boy or a girl, the Mamas and Papas Once Upon A Time Moses Basket boasts a couple of cute characters on the covers and a cute “Once Upon A Time” scrawled motif on the coverlet. At £110, it’s perhaps not cute enough to justify the price tag though!

Clair de Lune Palm Moses Basket (Little Bear)

At around £45, this is one of the cheaper Moses Baskets on the market and it’s fair to say that this one is a bolder choice than the first two in the list. The colours are still neutral but two large bears, red spots, and a couple of stripy sections replace the subtle stripes of the other two models. The Little Bear character is beautifully embroidered and this looks like a really cosy option for your little one.

Tesco Kinder Valley Zoo Time Moses Basket

For a really budget cute choice, you could do worse than looking at the Tesco range of Moses Baskets. This example takes the zoo theme as its main focus, with a big, soft drawing of a giraffe and a cute motif: “Come join the zoo fun”. Tones are again neutral, so suitable for baby boy or baby girl. This model perhaps isn’t quite as sturdy as some of the more expensive options, but you get what you pay for, and I certainly wouldn’t rule out this option.

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