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Macau: Margaret’s Café e Nata, a jewel in Macau’s crown

During our recent trip to Hong Kong, we decided to take a day trip to Macau.

Unfortunately we found Macau, on the whole, quite charmless, with the huge crowds flocking around the tacky casinos and the historical ruins alike making it difficult to appreciate much about the island.

However, thankfully for us, there was one saving grace and that came in the form of a quaint little bakery and café called Margaret’s Café e Nata.

Margaret’s specialises in egg tarts, a fond favourite on Macau thanks to the island’s Portuguese history.

When we found the little bakery, tucked away in a side street away from the main hustle and bustle of Macau, we were surprised to see huge queues snaking down the road (it was quite early in the morning).

Outside Margeret's cafe in Macau

The queue!

We joined the queue and waited our turn before getting hold of our cute little box of six beautiful, warm egg tarts.

The pastry was flaky, warm, and buttery, and the egg custard filling was creamy and immensely moreish. There was just enough of a “burnt” blackened glaze on top to give the tarts a lovely crack when biting into them.

Egg tarts at Margaret's in Macau

The amazing tarts!

We wolfed our six tarts down with relish as we watched more and more people arrive at what seems to be a local shrine of a bakery on this strangest of islands.

For most of the rest of the day, we couldn’t help fantasising about another box of six tarts and so on our way back to the ferry terminal, we headed back for one last hit of gorgeous egg tart!

If you are planning on heading to Macau any time soon, make sure you make a bee line for Margaret’s. The egg tarts are divine, the service warm (the lady we assumed was Margaret spoke really good English and seemed really happy to see some English people in her shop), and the memories of the flavours truly unforgettable!

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