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Hong Kong: A Dim Sum Introduction to Hong Kong Food

We landed in Hong Kong during the early afternoon and, by the time the bus had snaked its way through the heavy traffic and we’d finally arrived at our hotel, we were more than ready for some food.

We’ve always loved dim sum, so pretty much the first thing we wanted to do in HK was find a good dim sum restaurant and stuff our faces.

Our guidebook suggested a restaurant just a 10 minute walk from our hotel (The Langham, which is a gorgeous luxury hotel in Kowloon).

The restaurant’s name is “Dimdim Sum Dimsum Specialty Store” but we didn’t let that put us off!

Dimdim Sum occupies a corner position at a quiet junction and we could see straightaway how busy and bustling it was with locals eating tasty dim sum.

The hardest part of the evening was being selective in terms of ordering, and we (predictably) ended up ordering slightly too much food! However, each and every dish we tried was delicious.

The first dish to arrive was rice with beef and egg. The beef was succulent and tender, and the fried egg tied the meat and rice together really nicely. The portion wasn’t huge, which meant we had plenty of room left for the dim sum.

The next dishes to arrive were squid in garlic (the squid was beautiful and the garlic sauce strong but not overpowering) and barbecued pork buns. The barbecued flavour of the pork was really smoky but delicate, and they really were a melt in the mouth treat.

After not too long, we were presented with another star of the evening: shrimp rice-flour rolls. They were soft on the outside but crispy on the inside, with the juicy shrimp encased in a crunchy shell.

The final dish was beef meatballs with tangerine peel. This wasn’t to my taste (being an orange hater!) but apparently this was also delicious!

When we were presented with the bill, we received one final nice surprise: the meal, with lovely hot jasmine tea on the table as well, came to around £11.

So, a fantastic first night of dining in Hong Kong. If the rest of our meals are as good as this, we’ll be leaving a fair few pounds heavier and dreading going back to English food!

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