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UPDATED: Turtle Bay lands in Leeds!

Update: For our full review of Turtle Bay click here.

Original post (27th July 2015)

The Leeds food scene is burgeoning, boasting an amazing array of cuisines, street food options, posh dining options, and bars for those who like a drink. Now, one of the gaps in the market that may previously have existed could be filled by the Turtle Bay chain.

Given the success of Trinity Kitchen and the way in which Trinity has changed the focus of the city centre in general, the new restaurant is taking a risk by choosing the old O’Neill’s at the entrance to The Light as its location. That said, Turtle Bay has had success in bringing Caribbean cuisine to locations as diverse as upmarket Guildford in Surrey to the Manchester Northern Quarter.

In terms of the food offering, Turtle Bay promises to be an option for lunch, cocktails and a night out, or just a tasty treat for an evening meal. With options including one pot goat curry, jerk lamb and some fantastic starter options, the menu looks intriguing for curious foodies.

The puddings, such as rum and raisin bread pudding, also sound amazing. The only qualification is that while the food and drinks sound tasty, they come with a hefty(ish) price tag. Main dishes will set you back about £12, although cocktails are on offer every day on a two for one deal during an (as yet) unspecified happy hour.

With no set date yet for opening, we nonetheless look forward to seeing Turtle Bay bring a taste of the Caribbean to Leeds.

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  1. Errr. what’s the point of this recycled press release for a restaurant that hasn’t opened yet? And given you haven’t eaten there how do you know their offering is “tasty”, “fantastic” and “amazing”?


    • Hi Pete, thanks for your comment.

      We try to keep up with all the Leeds (and beyond) food news. This is in no way a press release as we have no association or link to Turtle Bay. Instead it is hoped that this would give an insight into a new restaurant opening and keep readers such as yourself up to date with a new cuisine that is set to hit central Leeds.



      • So how did the opening go? Because as far as I’m aware they hired a load of people and then went bust? No turtle bay for Leeds!


  2. Hi Antoinette – had a wander past today and it has the O’Neills logo is still up. No mention from Turtle Bay on twitter or their website that they have changed their mind and decided against opening a store in Leeds and I think they’re still hiring for the Leeds branch but you’ll have to keep up to date with us here to see if it finally does open 🙂


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