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Sugar tax: A short term solution that fails to eradicate a crisis

So, the time has come for the latest Jamie Oliver campaign! This is a man who has done some good, namely making cooking more accessible and helping to reveal the awful nature of food served to kids at school (we are also fairly partial to his Italian restaurants!).

Now, he wants to go that step further by taking our money off us if we make a decision he doesn’t like: eating sugary goods. For more regular readers of this blog, you will know that I am not a big fan of people having choices removed from them. In this instance, the idea of a Jamie Oliver Sugar Tax is something that seems to me to have short term solution written all over it whilst the long term problem of obesity is left without a cure.

Whilst it is undeniable that a tax on sugary goods would put some parents off them (nobody wants to pay more money for something), and of course the tax would help to cover the ever-increasing NHS bill for weight related issues, the truth is that taxing something is not going to stop people eating it.

If the latest measures are fully undertaken, the government will have jumped feet first into a ban when surely more money and time should be spent on educating children, parents and pretty much everyone about why sugar is something that should be enjoyed in moderation only.

Surely if people are educated about the health risks of excessive sugar (becoming overweight, diabetes and heart troubles to name a few) and are given the education and information to help make the right choices then this will be a far better and more sustainable long-term solution.

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