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Where to eat in Gran Canaria: Curry cravings satisfied at Meloneras’ Misbah

Indian food might not quite be at the top of your list of cuisines to try whilst in Gran Canaria. Sometimes, though, only a curry fix will do and if you happen to be on your summer holidays when a craving strikes, the hunt to find a half-decent Indian restaurant begins!

Luckily, for those holidaying in Meloneras in Gran Canaria, there’s a pretty good Indian restaurant located on the main strip of restaurants on the promenade by the sea. Misbah hasn’t been open long but it’s already developed a solid reputation amongst tourists with a curry craving.

On the night we went, we were drawn in by the aromatic smells drifting along the promenade. After perusing the menu (it’s an extensive menu with plenty of options for meat lovers, fish lovers, and vegetarians), we opted for a lamb and potato dish and salmon tandoori. We ordered some naan bread and pilau rice to complement our choices.

Misbah in Meloneras

Naan bread

My lamb dish was full of flavour and neither too spicy nor too mild. The lamb was tender and melt in the mouth and the potatoes had been cooked very nicely, retaining enough texture so as not to melt into the sauce.

Misbah in Meloneras

Lamb curry hits the spot

Kyle’s salmon tandoori was even more impressive; salmon is so easy to dry out but this salmon was succulent.

Misbah in Meloneras

Succulent salmon

There’s nothing particularly spectacular about Misbah in Meloneras, but what they do, they do well. The food is good enough to satisfy any curry cravings that might spring up when you’re in Gran Canaria and it also helps that the prices are reasonable and, unlike at the other food establishments along the same strip, they don’t do the hard sell to try to draw you in.

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  1. So sorry to hear your post.. And to read it before i went .. Maybe they have Paid to say all that said above ..
    The food there is bad .. Not at all worth a second visit ..
    Now having said this I must also say that there are people who know the curry and people who don’t .. Maybe you don’t …
    Nothing personal but had to send back the Jura pulav rice as the rice was still uncooked and the tadka Dal was the same ..
    Never again ..


  2. Sorry to hear about your bad experience Brad. We weren’t paid to do this review; we paid for our meal in full and hadn’t been invited down beforehand so no ulterior motives here. As we’ve stated in the blog, for a holiday curry this wasn’t bad, nothing spectacular, but not bad. Obviously your experience differed. And we do know our curry, living in Yorkshire! If you find yourself in the UK and in this neck of the woods, head over to Shalimar in Harrogate and we’re confident you’ll agree with our taste in curry!


    • Sure ! Thanks .. I travels a lot and indian food bring one of my favorites I happen to try them all.. But the indian food on the Canary Islands had always left me heartbroken.. Tried this one Just today and would never return .. Surely a lot of other people do like the food..thanks for your reply ! Will msg if I am that side..


      • No problem at all Brad. Good luck finding new foodie locations on the Canaries 🙂 Just remember our tip, if you fancy a fantastic curry (and can’t get to South East Asia!) head over to Yorkshire for some fine ones!


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