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The Alchemist hits Greek Street

If you think back, Greek Street in Leeds used to be the hip road. Of course, nowadays that honour belongs to the Call Lane area and Trinity to an extent, with its range of excellent bars and cafes.

The Alchemist brand, though, has had enough, deciding to put the trendy vibe back on Greek Street by introducing their amazing cocktails and food to the area.

I was invited down to have a look, to make sure the cocktails and food are still as good as they are at the Trinity location (they are, don’t worry!), but the real details to report relate to the layout of the Greek Street Alchemist.

The Trinity Alchemist has only one floor, and not a great deal of room at the bar. This new bar and restaurant has attempted to overcome these issues, going for a split approach. The right hand side when you walk in is a wonderful social bar area where people are encouraged to sit on shared tables. There is also a cosy sofa area. The other half of the Alchemist is a restaurant area, meaning that you no longer have to wade past the bar to get a seat like you do in Trinity.

As well as this, the bar area seemed far more spacious. One of the big draws of the Alchemist of watching your cocktails being created is still very much an offer here, but this time you don’t have to use your left and right elbows to bash people out of the way to ensure that you can get a drink!

For me, the new layout makes it perfect for date nights, going out with a group of friends, or for business people looking for a trendy, tasty place to host a business lunch (I believe that the ticker time is only about 14 minutes here). It is also suitable for special occasions, e.g. birthday parties or big work nights out.

The added bonus with the layout is, of course, that for a date night you might come for a drink, decide it’s all gone wrong and leave or, should it be love at first sight you can move straight onto food without having to change scene. For businessmen and women, this means the reverse: grab some food, then celebrate your deal over a cocktail!

I look forward to seeing how the Alchemist does. It opens on 13th October, and I might even take my little one down there for lunch when she’s a bit older as this very trendy bar even has high chairs for little people!

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