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Great British Menu Finals Week: Preview and Predictions

So it’s finally here! After the whole of the UK was scoured for talent, the cream has risen to the top and the battle is now more intense than ever before as the following chefs try to win a place at the 2015 Great British Menu banquet:

Wales: Adam Bannister

Scotland: Jacqueline O’Donnell

Northern Ireland: Ben Arnold

North West: Matthew Worswick

North East: Michael O’Hare

South West: Josh Eggleton

London and the South East: Matt Gillan

Central: Richard Bainbridge

With some very strong chefs having made it through, picking this year’s banquet dishes is not going to be easy for Pru and co.

As tough as it is to choose, here are my predictions for the dishes that may make it to the banquet. Do let me know yours!

Starter: Suckling Pignic (Adam Bannister)

Fish: Emancipation (Michael O’Hare)

Main: Teaching and Preaching (Matt Gillan)

Dessert: Inspiring Women (Richard Bainbridge)

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