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Balsons celebrates 500th anniversary

This blog has nothing whatsoever to do with Leeds or even the north of England but it would seem churlish not to congratulate the Bridport butcher who is celebrating the business’ 500th anniversary. Put another way, Henry VIII was on the throne when the business first started trading as a market stall less than a mile from their current shop.

Indeed, the recipe for one of their twenty different varieties of sausage is said to have been handed down the generations from Tudor times. I’m a sucker for a good sausage (I don’t include the Secret Sausages reviewed by the Leeds Foodie in that category!) and would love to give them a try, should I ever find myself down in that part of the country. There is also a great variety of less common meats on sale, such as kangaroo, elk, boar, ostrich and bison. The majority of their produce is, however, from a 20 mile radius or less.

The current owner, Robert Balson, puts the success down to the facts that they have resisted the temptation of expanding, that they know their customers personally, they have adapted with the times and all the produce can be traced from field to fork. Whatever the reason it sounds as though Balsons is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever down in the West Country.

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