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Great British Menu: London and South East week preview

So, the battle to get to the banquet is heating up as we head towards what has traditionally been a very competitive week: London and the South East.

With Matt Gillan, who holds a Michelin Star, Mark Froydenlund, who is head chef at the two Michelin starred Marcus, and finally Lee Westcott, who now runs the Typing Room but originally made a name for himself working with Tom Aikens, all competing, this is a trio of chefs who might well strike fear into the eyes of some of the judges.

Matt is known for the fact he runs a restaurant as one big chef’s table, meaning that diners are able to see first hand how their food is put together and the chefs are very much a part of the dining experience. It will be interesting to see how he copes with having to take a step back from the delivery of his food to make sure he can still make his mark on Great British Menu.

Mark and Lee, meanwhile, will both be vying to show that they are firmly in contention to be on that banquet menu this week. All in all, I have high expectations that we may well be in for some drama in the kitchen!

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