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Is Great British Bake Off to blame for Britain’s expanding waistline?!

Caroline takes a look at the latest news surrounding GBBO and our waistlines!

The Leeds Foodie is a great fan of the Great British Bake Off but according to a recent survey it looks as though he will need to take care not to pile on the pounds as a result of his admiration for Mary Berry et al.

A thousand viewers took part in the survey conducted by the diet firm, Forza Supplements, who, some may say, have a vested interest in carrying out the research!

Around three-quarters of those surveyed think that the programme encourages them to try things that will pile on the pounds, which would not have crossed their radar had they not tuned in.

Just over half said they had cheated on their diets because of the temptation of the goodies on the programme.

More than two thirds had actually made one of the recipes featured on the programme and the Leeds Foodie is one of those!

Half of participants feel they have put on weight because of the programme.

With over 9 million regular viewers this all makes worrying reading – or does it?

Should we just exercise a bit of self control and not look for a scapegoat for our unhealthy eating habits? Should it not be possible to watch programmes like this without rushing out to buy the ingredients or raid the fridge, or are we really at the mercy of our hunger hormones? Is the odd slice of cake as part of a balanced diet really going to harm us? Wouldn’t it be possible to make the cake sometime you have friends or family coming to share it or take it into the office and share the calories and the guilt?

Let us know what you think!

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