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Hummus at Humpit a hit in Leeds’ Corn Exchange

Humpit in the Corn Exchange has just celebrated its first birthday. When we saw a tweet promoting the hummus and pita bar in Leeds, we felt a little ashamed that a year had passed without us venturing into the Corn Exchange to sample the foodie delights on offer. So, last weekend, we set about rectifying this!

We headed down at around 1pm on a Saturday which, as it turns out, is a very busy time at Humpit! It was good to see a business in the Corn Exchange thriving, and we didn’t have to wait long before being led to a table near the front of the premises.

Humpit in Leeds

A busy Saturday lunchtime

After a quick glance at the menu, we settled on our choices. I opted for a brown pita stuffed with hummus, falafel, and salsa, whilst Kyle went for a ‘Humpit Classic’, a bowl of hummus and falafel, served with a white pita and salsa. We also ordered a fresh lemonade and a mint tea.

The wait for food was around 10 minutes and, to be honest, it was torture waiting for our meals to arrive given the amazing smells that were wafting through to our table from the preparation area.

It was well worth the wait. My pita was pretty much the size of my head, and stuffed full of creamy hummus, spicy salsa, and the best falafel I’ve eaten in a long, long time. I was a little intimidated at first by the size of the pita but it was actually surprisingly easy to eat in terms of not making a huge mess all down my clothes!

Pita at Humpit Leeds

Pita with falafel and hummus

Kyle’s bowl of hummus and falafel looked fantastic and he mopped it all up with the help of a huge white pita bread.

Humpit Classic at Humpit Leeds

The Humpit Classic

What I liked most about the meal at Humpit was the fact that it was very, very filling but I felt like I’d eaten a really healthy meal. All of the ingredients were clearly ‘real’ ingredients (there was nothing processed or artificial about this meal) and it gave me a real energy boost for the rest of the day. The flavours were big, packed a real punch, and have left me really wanting to go back for another dose of pita.

When you go out for lunch to places like this, the drinks you order are usually a bit of a letdown; you just order them to have something to hydrate you. At Humpit, this wasn’t the case. My fresh lemonade was refreshing and really tasty and Kyle’s mint tea was packed full of fresh mint leaves and managed not to be overly sweet.

Humpit Leeds

Refreshing and tasty!

A final mention should go to the friendly staff. They were really polite without being overbearing and had a nice chat with us when they noticed we’d brought in our little one in her pram.

Humpit is a real treasure in the Corn Exchange and a foodie venue that Leeds should be very proud of. We may have waited a year to visit, but over the next year I’d say we’ll be more than making up for our initial absence!

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