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Veg in disguise: Secret Sausages review

In our home, we are huge fans of Dragons’ Den. Therefore, when Deborah Meaden announced that she wasn’t a fan of the taste of a certain vegetarian sausage brand, and Peter Jones suggested that said product wasn’t even close to being a sausage, we were desperate to try it out for ourselves!


So, we did what all shameless bloggers do: we reached out and asked the good people at Secret Sausages if they would send us some of their products to sample and they duly obliged!

The question, then, is: did we agree with the opinions of Deborah and Peter?

Well, we sampled two different types of Secret Sausage: chilli and coriander, and honey. Since the sausages are marketed largely to parents looking to encourage their kids to eat more vegetables, we decided to use them in a meal suitable for a child. So, we served them with baked beans! We also put some tenderstem broccoli on the side to retain a more grown up element to our dinner! It’s worth noting that we could also have used the sausages as a decent base for a meat stew or a casserole, perhaps with onions and cider.


Back to the meal we did make and straightaway we found that the chilli and coriander sausages were delicious. They had a hint of chilli to them but it wasn’t at all overbearing, which is important from a kids’ point of view. The flavour of the coriander really shone through as well.


The honey sausages had a hint of sweetness to them but the flavour of the honey was fairly subtle, which in my opinion is a good thing!

The sausages went really well with the beans and were also complemented by a bit of ketchup. The texture of the sausages took a bit of getting used to as it is different – as you’d expect – to a usual sausage. It wasn’t an unpleasant texture; it was just different to the texture of a meat sausage. In addition, we found that the sausages were really filling. Sometimes with vegetarian food, you feel like you need to eat a lot to feel satisfied, but that wasn’t the case here.

All in all, you could certainly have given this plate of food to a child without any complaints from them! It’s a great way to get kids to eat more vegetables and when you look at the other benefits of Secret Sausages, you can see why it’s worth giving them a go:

  • 90% less fat than a meat sausage
  • 50% fewer calories per sausage than the meat equivalent
  • 35% less sodium than a meat sausage
  • Packed full of vegetables, herbs, spices, and vitamins!


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