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Great British Menu 2015: North East Week Preview

Tonight sees the start of North East week on Great British Menu 2015.

Fighting for the right to represent the North East in the finals will be Michael O’Hare, Tim Allen, and Mini Patel. Here’s what you might be able to look forward to this week on Great British Menu…

  • Risky, controversial food from Michael. Known for his unusual style of cooking at Leeds restaurant The Man Behind The Curtain, Michael O’Hare doesn’t really do safe food. Expect the unexpected from this maverick chef. Will his dishes be able to reign in enough of a sense of tradition to hit this year’s WI brief or will they be one step too far for the judges?
  • Top-notch cooking from Tim Allen. Tim is a Michelin-starred chef, so will want to be looking for the big scores this week. Will he bag a 10 for any of his courses? Watch this space…
  • Interesting use of seasonal produce from Mini Patel. Known for his use of local, seasonal ingredients to create dishes bursting with flavour, expect really tasty and visually appealing dishes from Mini Patel, who trained under Gordon Ramsay.

Whatever this week holds, make sure you tune in from tonight to catch all the Great British Menu action!

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    • I have – I thought Marcus was fair as despite the brilliant creation of Michael’s dishes I would love to have seen more of his amazing cooking skill! I can’t wait to see what happens when he nails both the flavour and the presentation 🙂


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