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Great British Bake Off: Episode Five Recap

Week Five on the Great British Bake Off and another opportunity for someone (please, someone…anyone!!) to knock Ian off his smug perch.

The signature bake was baking a cake without sugar. Honey and fruit were acceptable, but sugar in its pure form was ruled out. None of the cakes sounded particularly appetising to be honest, with the majority dominated by fruit rather than my favourite cake ingredients of chocolate and toffee! Ugne was the exception, with her chocolate and hazelnut sugar-free cake. Sadly, the lack of a classic flour in her cake led to a landslide of chocolaty mess! The look of it “needed work” in Paul’s words, but the flavours were spot on.

Other solid performers included Mat and Nadiya. Alvin, meanwhile, who finished his simple pineapple upside down cake about five years before everyone else, was concerned about over-simplifying his bake, but Paul and Mary were heavy in their praise of his efforts.

And so on to the technical and the challenge of making 12 identical gluten-free pittas in two hours. The challenge seemed to flummox all of the bakers but some of them managed to pull it off better than others! Poor Alvin’s thick pittas put him in bottom position, followed by Tamal, who had too much flour in his creations. Top of the pile was Nadiya, who pipped Paul to the post with her efforts. Traditionally someone who struggles with the technical bakes, Nadiya deserved to go into the final challenge full of confidence.

Ahead of the showstopper, which challenged the bakers to make a dairy free ice cream roll, Ugne and Ian (yes, IAN!!) were deemed by Paul and Mary to be in trouble. So, we had our fingers crossed for an epic fail from smug Ian.

Mat was the first baker to express concern over his bake, with his sponge apparently turning out a little crispy. Poor old Alvin struggled with the assembly of his roll, with the ice cream roll too big for the sponge. With a little help from Paul (the baker rather than the judge), he just about managed to force it together.

After the final freeze, it was clear that most of the bakers had done a pretty good job. Tamal’s effort was branded “stunning” by Paul, with a standout Italian meringue on top. Flora was criticised for having a thin sponge, whilst Mat was roundly judged for making a swiss roll rather than an ice cream roll! Nadiya’s design was commended, and her chocolate ice cream went down really well with Mary. A strong showing from her to follow up her win in the technical.

And so on to Ian. Predictably, the judges loved his effort, with Paul calling his mix of flavours “ingenious”. Damn.

On to the results. Would Ian rob Nadiya of a deserved star baker title, just like he did last week with Tamal? Thankfully, no, he didn’t! Nadiya was deservedly named star baker, denying Ian a fourth consecutive star baker win. Sadly, but probably fairly, it was Ugne’s time to leave the competition.

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