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Murgatroyds in Yeadon: Fish and chip heaven in north Leeds!

Leeds is spoilt for choice when it comes to fish and chip shops; Headingley alone boasts two of the nicest local chippies you could hope to find. We only live a few minutes away from Headingley, but recently we’ve been driving a little further afield to fulfill our fish and chip cravings. The reason? Murgatroyds.

Murgatroyds in Yeadon is an award-winning fish and chip restaurant and takeaway. It’s hard to miss; its bright green exterior draws you in just as much as the smell of chips. This Yeadon institution relies not only on appearances though, as the food is a level above your everyday fish and chips.

The menu is extensive and, if you’re not in the mood for traditional fish and chips, you can indulge in a range of fish cakes (including Thai and crab), haddock and prawn supreme, seafood pie, or even seafood paella!

We, however, like to keep it simple. My favourite is the Whitby scampi and chips. The scampi is genuinely melt in the mouth and the portion size is generous! Dipped in tartare sauce, the scampi from Murgatroyds is hard to beat.

Murgatroyds in Yeadon

The haddock and chips does what it says on the tin, but the quality of the fish and the batter shines through. It’s also worth saying that a chippie can live or die on the quality of its chips and Murgatroyds does exceptional chips. You won’t find any soggy chips in this establishment.

Murgatroyds in Yeadon

The little extras at Murgatroyds are also exceptional. The mushy peas actually taste like peas, and the pickled onions actually taste like onions! That may sound silly but so often these little extras are done horribly by chippies up and down the country.

Murgatroyds in Yeadon

Leeds may be smack bang in the middle of the country, but you would never know it after a trip to Murgatroyds. For me, it rivals some of the fish and chip restaurants I’ve been to along the coast. Pay it a visit next time you’re in north Leeds; you won’t regret it!

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