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Food news: Things might soon be getting Wild in Harrogate!

UPDATE: For our review of Wild, see our more recent post by clicking here.

Having been waiting for some time to see a replacement restaurant pop up in place of Mirabelle in Harrogate, my wish has finally come true, with an interesting concept taking shape under the influence of chef Jim Key.

Full details regarding the new venture are yet to be revealed, but the current advertising suggests that Wild will be looking to ensure that dining is no longer tame – though we can’t tell you what this means exactly!

With some interesting posts on the Wild Facebook page showing some rather well aged beef and a cattle market, it seems that beef is going to figure heavily on the menu. Overall, we’re intrigued to see what Wild has to offer and whether it can replace the excellent cuisine that was previously offered by Mirabelle!

We shall of course endeavour to keep you up to date when we know more (like opening dates!) but feel free to comment below and let us know if you have any more information or have tried Jim Key’s food before so we have an idea of what we might be getting in Harrogate!

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