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Foodies Festival at Ripley Castle: A great day out

Having spent the week looking forward to going back to Ripley Castle, where Charlotte and I got married, we were not let down at all after a great day out at the Foodies Festival.

With the nice people from the Foodies Festival giving me four VIP tickets to enjoy the day (along with our lucky competition winner getting a pair of standard tickets for a weekend of foodie fun!), we certainly enjoyed the VIP service and the smooth arrival at the festival. Unlike many of these festivals, there was ample parking, decent stewarding to guide you, and even some working toilets! All of this pointed to a good day.

After making our way through to the VIP tent to pick up our glasses of complimentary fizz, we sat back and enjoyed the cooler and rather classy atmosphere of the VIP bar. From here, we decided to use this area as a nice base to go and grab some fabulous food and to keep ourselves and our little one out of the sun for a few minutes.

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

Our VIP haul!

Caroline and Richard chose to go Greek for their lunch, and Charlotte and I had a good look round before deciding what we fancied for our lunch. With so many excellent stalls to choose from, it wasn’t a particularly easy decision, and we ended up going down two very different routes (showing the great range of hot food on offer).

Charlotte decided to go for a rather expensive (£7 for a single wrap) crispy duck wrap that, while rather tasty, was not quite worth the price tag.

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

Crispy and tasty but not quite worth £7

I, on the other hand, stumbled upon a rather amazing find: The Hull Pie. I hope that these wonderful pies (the steak and red wine sample was wonderful and sucked me in!) are on sale in Leeds sooner rather than later. I decided to go for the unusual choice of Jamaican Jerk pie with mash and gravy and to be honest for £5 it was fantastic value and really hit the spot! if anything, the below picture doesn’t do the pie any justice whatsoever!

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

Pie. – the best thing to come from Hull!?

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

A great amount of gravy!

After scoffing down our lunches, we were free to start hitting the festival properly and we made the most of the fantastic freebies on offer amid a family (and pet!) friendly atmosphere!

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

Family fun

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

Even the pets were getting in on the action!

While of course the main attraction for foodies going to wonderful festivals like these is to to try new products, it is also a great opportunity to snaffle a bargain if you keep your eyes open. Richard and Caroline got a great deal when they managed to grab five packs of smoked salmon for only £10, an even better deal when you realise that Bleikers package their products so that they can be frozen.

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

Caroline and Richard snaffle a bargain

For me, the best deal I managed to pick up was some fantastic Mr. Vikki’s King Naga pickle. I did have to go back for a second sample just to make sure that the spicing was not too severe but decided to risk it and get myself a great bit of pickle to go with my next curry!

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

A brave or foolish purchase!?

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

Hand made great pickles – well worth trying

The food stalls were great fun, but there was also the opportunity to indulge in some alcoholic drinks (all fairly reasonably priced) and then enjoy the live music. This relaxing atmosphere really meant that you could spend a full day at the festival away from just the foodie attractions.

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

A great band to listen to while we enjoyed the food, drink and sun!

Finally, the main draw for some people was the chance to go to some food, drink and cooking demonstration talks. With tastings ranging from sherry to beer, there really were some excellent talks and demonstrations on offer. For kids, there was even a dedicated tent that our little one is sadly just a little too young for!

Ripley Castle Foodies Festival

Some enjoyable talks on offer

On that note, the real highlight of our day had to be a Rosemary Shrager sing along! Rosemary’s talk was more about entertainment than it was cooking, but it was funny nonetheless. Whether it was meant to be funny or not is a different matter entirely, but you can judge for yourself after watching the video!

With one day left at Ripley and lots more dates across the UK on the horizon, if you fancy a day out for foodies and family members then check out this link to see if there is a date near you for a great day out.

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    • Hi,

      I would suggest some wellies or other footwear that can get wet if it keeps on raining tonight and a raincoat for the day if it rains! All the music and talks are under cover so you will just need some rain gear for the stalls. I would certainly suggest getting there nice and early as the talks and tastings are really great and start from when the festival opens – make sure you register nice and early when you turn up if there are specific talks you want to attend! 🙂

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