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Great British Bake Off: Episode Three Recap

Bread week is Paul’s week, there’s no doubt about that, but tonight’s episode ended up being dominated by a different Paul entirely to the bread and baking maestro himself, Mr Hollywood.

The signature bake required the bakers to create a quick bread.

Alvin’s prosciutto, Manchego cheese, and balsamic onion bread looked amazing and was highly complimented by both Paul and Mary. Alvin is a bit of a cheeky chap who tends to downplay his own brilliance and is certainly one to keep an eye on as the competition progresses.

Meanwhile, Ian’s wild garlic loaf went down well with the judges but let’s say it how it is: he’s so annoying! Tonight the smuggest of smug bakers in the tent had been foraging for the wild garlic in the woods near his house a couple of days before. Of course he had.

Nadiya and Mat, both likeable characters unlike smug Ian, fought over Mexican flavours. Nadiya came out on top as Mat had made the fatal error of overworking his dough.

Ugne, the slightly terrifying bodybuilder, created a not too healthy looking chocolate bread with caramel sauce. This sounded delicious and right up our street. Paul was an instant fan, declaring the bread to be not too sweet and still light despite the ingredients. I’d love to have tried this one.

The technical challenge required the bakers to work on a classic recipe never before seen on GBBO: four identical crusty baguettes.

We learned during Paul and Mary’s chat that the key to the famous baguette crust is getting plenty of steam in the oven, something that Paul opted not to tell the bakers beforehand. Predictably, not all of the bakers realised the secret to the crust and neglected to add water to the bottom of the oven.

Nadiya’s efforts were slated, her soft loaves a result of failing to bear in mind the need for steam. Paul’s efforts were also slated by his namesake as he came last in the technical.

Unfortunately, smug Ian came out on top to follow up on his strong opening.

The showstopper tasked the bakers to make 3D bread sculptures. Three doughs and a filling were required to hit the brief. Of course Ian had brought along his own homemade mould around which to shape his bread.

Paul’s lion looked amazing from first glance and his namesake Paul Hollywood later said it was one of the best things he’d “seen in bread ever”. In fact, although he wasn’t named star baker, Sue did give him a special mention at the end of the show.

Elsewhere, Tamal’s bicycle impressed Paul and Mary, with all three breads showing different techniques. He could well be a dark horse in this year’s competition.

Ian’s flower sculpture was predictably perfect and praised by the judges. Never was there a smugger expression on a man’s face in the Bake Off tent (well, not until later in the show when he was named star baker).

Nadiya’s snake charmer sculpture also looked amazing. The snake was bright orange in colour and the basket looked like an actual basket – praise indeed!

And so on to the less impressive specimens. Dorret’s ‘unmade bread’ sculpture was slated by Mary Berry for looking rubbish and being raw inside. Would this be enough to send her home over Mat, though, whose dodgy Brighton Pavilion didn’t exactly impress? Well, in short, yes! She always seemed slightly out of her depth and it was a fair result on balance.

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