Two essential products for bathing a newborn baby

When our little one was just over a week old, we decided it’d be a great idea to give her her first bath. We’d been told at our NCT classes that bath time for babies is a really relaxing, lovely experience. Perhaps unsurprisingly given a couple of errors we made (more on that shortly!), our experience was the exact opposite of this perception and we were left dreading the next bath time (Goodness knows what our baby was left thinking about her clueless parents!).

In retrospect, we made two mistakes: worrying about making the bath too hot, we made it far too cold, and we also lowered our tiny baby into our huge bath tub (although there was hardly any water in there). Imagine from a baby’s point of view how scary that must be.

So, learning from our errors, we made sure we had two products to hand the next time we attempted a bath. The first product was a baby bath thermometer which cost about three pounds on Amazon. Shaped like a duck, you simply place the thermometer into the water for 15 seconds and some clever colour coding lets you know if the water is too hot, too cold, or ideal for a little baby. The second product was a Tummy Tub, a transparent bucket (there’s more to it than that but it essentially looks like a bucket) that allows the baby to bathe in the familiar, comforting foetal position.

The Tummy Tub is easy to get to grips with. After filling it with water, you gently lower the baby in, and they should automatically settle in a position that is comfortable for them. The snug space is far less scary for them than a huge bath tub, and from a parent’s point of view, it feels much safer holding them in the small tub rather than suspending them over a bath.

Now that we’ve recovered from our early parenting errors when it comes to bath time, our little girl really seems to like her baths in the Tummy Tub. In fact, the only bit she doesn’t like is being taken out and patted dry!

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