Sensibly sized newborn baby clothes: Where to find them?!

Our little girl weighed 6 lbs 13 oz when she was born in July. At just under the average birth weight for a girl in the UK, she wasn’t exactly tiny, but she certainly wasn’t big! As such, one of our earliest lessons as new parents concerned the huge variations in sizing when it comes to newborn clothing.

Some of the clothes we took to hospital ended up simply hanging off her legs, or her arms were lost halfway down the sleeves. She still, at four and a half weeks old, doesn’t fit into many of the clothes that are marketed as newborn, or 0-3 months, but there are some brands that seem better than others for newborns verging on the smaller side.


So, if your new arrival hasn’t exactly emerged as the largest bundle of joy in the world, here are some brands we’ve found that seem to offer smaller, more modest fits than others.

Sainsbury’s: The newborn and 0-3 sized vests have been invaluable for us. For much of the first couple of weeks of our little one’s life, she primarily wore vests and baby grows from the supermarket’s Tu range.

Baby Gap: Gap’s baby range seems sensibly sized. What’s more, many of their baby grows come without dastardly poppers (zips are so much easier to get to grips with at 3am!)

Morrisons: We’ve just been given two baby grows from the range at Morrisons as a gift. Not only are they super cute, but they seem like a genuine newborn fit, with the legs not ridiculously long and the arms not too baggy.

H & M: You can’t beat H & M for value, whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your baby. Being a European brand, their sizes are on the small side, and their baby grows have been a fantastic fit for our little girl.

Anything European!: European sizes seem far more modest than their counterparts in the UK. We were lucky enough to be given some hand-me-downs from Germany, and these have been a really good fit. As such, if you opt for a European baby brand like Petit Bateau, you’ll find that the sizes are tighter fitting. We bought a newborn long sleeved vest from Petit Bateau and it fit like a glove once our daughter turned a week old.

So, there you go. If you’re struggling to find clothes marketed as newborn or 0-3 that actually fit your baby, give these brands a try.

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