Newborn essentials: What to put your beautiful new arrival in at night

So, you’ve got your little one home, you’re happy that it’s all going well (or not!) and now you’re wondering how to make sure they’re able to sleep in a way that is safe, whilst keeping them cosy and snug.

One popular option is swaddling. We don’t like the idea of swaddling but for those who are keen on it, it’s worth taking a look online for some swaddling gear designed not to restrict your precious newborn’s legs. As we haven’t really gone for any level of swaddling, I don’t want to go any further into the various products on sale as there are more qualified parents out there to advise you on where to get your swaddling kit from.

We shall instead advise you on the best sleeping products we looked into for our newborn!

Bambino Merino Bundler:

We bought one of these but have so far not been able to use it properly. Essentially the real benefit of buying this product (available here) is that the merino wool used to make this bundler is designed for all weather conditions. Whilst the product feels very light, merino wool is designed to be used in all conditions and means that, especially in the autumn season, you should be able to use this as a way to avoid your newborn feeling too hot or too cold.

Our baby girl was born weighing 6 pounds 13 oz and was way, way too small for this, so I would query the newborn label attached to this product. The main issue with relation to this seems to be the arm length, which just seems excessively long.

As far as the product goes, it isn’t bad value, offering an affordable way to buy into the merino wool ‘revolution’! For the fashion conscious, you can even choose from three different colours, but my suggestion is to pick the one that you don’t mind getting baby sick and poo stains on!

Cost: £22.95 but keep an eye out for frequent discount deals.

JoJo Maman Bebe Elephant Print Newborn Sleep Sacks:

This has been our main option since we had the fortune of finding it online and persuading my very kind Gran to buy her great granddaughter one of these (or, actually, two of these after we realised how good they are!).

JoJo Maman Bebe newborn sleepsuit

Snug as a pug in a rug!

As you can see from the above picture, the suit fits from a very young age and we found that this sleeping bag offers the right level of warmth in the summer and can be used in conjunction with a range of layers and vests to ensure that your newborn baby will not go cold in winter.

Easy to do up, with scratch mittens included in the arms, and a way of buttoning in your baby to avoid the suit slipping up and increasing the risk of cot death, this suit has been really well designed. Not having to faff about with blankets and sheets, which just get kicked off in the middle of the night anyway by the majority of little ones, brings huge peace of mind as you put your baby down to sleep.

Two final things to say in praise of the suit (available here) are the well designed zip and the way this product introduces your baby to the world of the sleeping bag. Zips can so often be a source of frustration when they get caught in the material, but this one is idiot-proof, allowing for quick zipping up at 3am after a nappy change. Meanwhile, if you are keen on using baby sleeping bags as your little one grows up, this is the perfect way to start as you mean to go on.

Value-wise, I think this product represents great value, but you definitely need more than one as any leaky nappies or sick will need to be washed out (although the suit does machine wash and dries fairly quickly).

One small gripe is that for anyone wanting a gender neutral suit, the only colour choice is grey (with pink and blue the other colours on offer). I think JoJo Maman Bebe are missing a trick not having a few more colours on offer. That said, this isn’t a real issue as of course this is all about the practical implications and it isn’t a fashion parade!

Cost: £18 but I would suggest you double this as you will need two.

Petit Bateau newborn sleeping bags:

Many parents may not have heard of Petit Bateau. This is a high end baby, child and even adult fashion designer. We have one Petit Bateau item which is a bodysuit. It is exceptionally well made and fits like a glove. That said, it cost almost £14 – or the equivalent of about five H & M baby grows!

They offer a range of sleeping bags for newborns. We don’t have any of these but they do look good. Their newborn baby product is a versatile and comfortable option for your little one but may not be so well suited to the cold, whereas the padded tunic (available here) is the ultimate luxury gift item.

The colours are tasteful, the sleeping bags themselves well made and designed for parents to use. Despite this, I believe that the cost alone means these need to be a present given to you rather than a product you go out and buy yourself. If they are on offer you might be tempted but in all honesty I think that the experience we have had with our JoJo Maman Bebe newborn sleeping bag means that it would really have to be a spectacular sale to make the price here worth paying!

Cost: Ranging from £40 to £59 but there are sales that might make this a little less steep!

All in all there are many options out there and we would say it is a very personal choice as to what to go for. JoJo Maman Bebe worked for us but may not for you! Let us know by commenting below if you find something that is better than these options or if you have had a different experience to us!

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