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Great British Bake Off: Episode Two Recap

Biscuit week on GBBO is one of our favourite weeks, what with our love of all things biscuity! This year’s renewal of biscuit week failed to disappoint, with some stunning showstoppers on display and a couple of tricky technical challenges thrown in for good measure.

The bakers were tasked with baking biscotti in the first of the week’s challenges. Ian, later awarded the accolade of star baker, managed to bake a brilliant batch of biscotti, adding rosemary to his recipe in a brave move questioned by Paul Hollywood which nonetheless paid off.

The technical bake challenged the bakers to create arlette biscuits. This wasn’t the most entertaining technical bake that GBBO has ever seen, but Marie, who was ultimately sent home (deservedly), provided a slightly unfortunate highlight after failing to turn the oven on.

And so on to the showstopper. The bakers were asked to bake 24 biscuits to be placed in an edible biscuit box. Flora, who last week attracted criticism for not understanding the oven because in her home the Aga is just turned on constantly (middle class problems anyone?!), presented Paul and Mary with an Earl Grey biscuit lid that was excessively complimented despite having a huge crack down the middle of it.

Meanwhile, poor old Dorret was lambasted for her decision to use a simple template to make frog-shaped biscuits. To be fair, the biscuits did resemble a bad version of a Freddo and she was lucky to escape being sent home.

Finally, special mention must go to Mat for his brilliant fire engine biscuit box creation. He was unlucky to be beaten to the title of star baker this week and is definitely one to keep an eye on over the coming weeks.

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